At that little corner by the window,
Is where I often meet You.
Behind closed doors, when no one is around,
I lay down the yearnings of my heart.
I tell You about my day and what stirred me inside;
Sometimes I giggle at random moments of sweetness.
There are days when I am so fueled and feels triumphant.
Other days just went by, cold and gloomy.

At that little corner in my room,
I surrender my thoughts bare and shameless.
I pour out my heart, shed tears only You can see.
You always hear when my heart is breaking
Over trivial matters I…

It’s Friday afternoon
Why don’t we sit down
Talk about nothing in particular
Tell me about your days
And what made them count
It’s Friday afternoon
Are you feeling frosty
Let’s have a cup of coffee

Ever since I became a Christian, David has always been my biblical crush. Through the years I learned so much about him. He’s not the man I first thought he was. As it turns out, he wasn’t all that. He had his shares of lows, dark days, foolish mistakes, impulsive decisions, and sinful drive. Nevertheless, he kept pursuing God. Truly, the man after God’s own heart.

I really fell in love with the character of David — his humility before the Lord and the way he made God an imperative presence in His life. I often ask God to make…

San Juan, La Union (May 1, 2019)

A thousand days at sea
One day at shore
In every sunset, a day closer

A thousand dark nights
Counting full moons
Waiting for the tides to turn

Your heart inside this chest
I’ll keep it beating
To see you once again

Software development is coding.
Software development consists of multiple phases and coding is just one of the phases — the implementation phase. The other phases are just as important as the implementation phase. The software development process is not associated with programming alone. If the preceding phases are done properly, there will be lesser ambiguity with the execution. This follows that not only programmers are involved in the software development, there are other roles as well.

Developers should start coding right away once the estimate has been approved by the client.
Depending on the given requirements, other stages must be taken…


Google has three main roles for their developers: Software Engineer (SWE), Software Engineer in Test (SET), Test Engineer (TE). Their involvement in the testing and maintenance procedures depends on their role. The SWE mainly works on the development of new features but they have to do unit testing. They also work closely with SET to write test cases relevant to the feature. The SET also writes codes but their focus is more on the testability of the code. They review design and refactor code to make it more testable. They also write testing frameworks and automation and are concerned with…

Last Saturday, I talked about collaboration tools for digital nomads. For a year, we experienced a great shift to our work culture. Most of us had a difficult time adjusting to the work-from-home setup. But since a lot of companies realized some of the benefits of this setup, we can never fully go back to the way we do things before. Although it may take some more time to get used to the new flexibility remote work offers. …

Zelle Cuevas-Canuel

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